Below, is a short description of a plant experiment that we did in collaboration with Jesse from @plantfilledapartment. We let Jesse describe it in his own words.

A little over a year ago, my friends at MARPHYL asked me to participate in an experiment. And I am really glad I did as it turned out to be a lot of fun!

The idea was for me to get two of the same plant, at the same stage of growth and put them in the same place in my apartment. The experiment was to feed only one plant MARPHYL Organic Soil Enhancer every other watering and see how the plants differ in growth over time.

Note: I gave it a bit of generic fertilizer to both plants from time to time so that the one that didn’t get any MARPHYL Soil Enhancer was not fully deprived of nutrients and so that the experiment could continue fairly. From now on, I will be referring to the plant that receiver MARPHYL Soil Enhancer as Plant M (M for MARPHYL) and the other plant – Plant B.

Indoor plant on pink background


I went down to my local plant shop where I purchased two similar-sized Philodendron Hederaceum Brasil. I hung both of these plants in a south-facing filtered window. They were watered on the same days at the same time. Basically, everything I did care-wise was identical for the pair except that Plant M received MARPHYL Soil Enhancer.


In summer, I mixed 1 portion of the MARPHYL Soil Enhancer with 20 portions of water and watered my plants with this mixture every time they needed watering. In winter, I did the same process every other watering (1-2 times a month depending on their watering schedule).

Indoor plant on pink background


Not only is Plant M (left) is much longer than Plant B, but Plant M also looks much healthier and better developed as a whole. I found Plant M’s speed of growth to be much higher. Plant B still looks a bit scraggly and bare in a lot of spots. It has a lot of catching up to do! I’ve also noticed Plant M’s leaves to have a darker green color. Even before this experiment, I had already been successfully using MARPHYL Soil Enhancer on all of my houseplants. With it, I’ve observed strong and consistent results: more and faster growth, healthier plants, lots of bloom. But the obvious comparison I see now is an even bigger motivator for me to keep feeding my plants with this amazing solution full of nutrients and vitamins. I also love that MARPHYL Soil Enhancer is completely natural (consists of only one ingredient – wild Phytoplankton). This means that I can use it any time of the year without any worries of damaging my plants.


Do you want you plants to thrive like Jesse's?

Try our MARPHYL® Soil Enhancer made of 100% wild phytoplankton Plants rely on potassium to facilitate the circulation of nutrients and on nitrogen as the essential element in photosynthesis, while the roots need phosphorus to thrive. MARPHYL® Soil Enhancer is high in potassium, nitrogen, and phosphorus, and also contains trace amounts of other nutrients, such as calcium and magnesium for optimum plant health and growth.
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