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We are dedicated to providing a 100%
natural and wild superfood that will optimize health.


MARPHYL® was born to provide a 100% natural and wild superfood that will optimize health. We were exposed to marine phytoplankton a few years ago and after seeing the amazing and nourishing benefits to health that came with regular consumption, we decided to work towards bringing different forms of this wholesome superfood to as many people as possible.

P.S. The ball of fluff on the image above is Atticus. He is a recent addition to our family. Join us on Facebook and Instagram to follow his valuable contributions to MARPHYL® Marine Phytoplankton.

Arantza AmuchasteguiCOO & Co-Founder
I was born and raised in Mexico, where people have a very strong connection with nature historically. Since I was a kid, my grandmother taught me about natural remedies and ways to enhance one’s wellbeing in a sustainable and balanced way.

After moving to Vancouver, Canada in my late teens, I continued to explore the world of organic and eco-friendly products. Even at that time, I knew that I wanted to help people discover new ways of living a healthy lifestyle that would be compatible with their busy schedules.

While working toward my goals and studying Health and Nutrition, I came across a unique source of essential nutrients – 100% wild, multi-species Marine Phytoplankton from Vancouver Island, one of the most biologically productive marine ecosystems in the world.

After experiencing the benefits of this amazing product ourselves, my partner, Benjamin, and I decided to make it accessible to everyone who wants to balance his/her diet and who cares about the environment and health. This is how MARPHYL® Marine Phytoplankton was born. Since then, we’ve developed various products, all of them which we are very proud of, while still  working to create more ways to incorporate this natural superfood into people’s daily lives. 

Benjamin AchacheCEO & Co-Founder
I come from a small town in the south of France. Growing up surrounded by nature’s beauty, I spent most of my childhood outdoors. This lifestyle taught me to respect my environment and everything in it.

Years later, my career path led me to work in finance in Canada. I faced various challenges that many young professionals experience, and was not living a healthy lifestyle. At some point, I realized that I needed to make a change, and I decided to educate myself  to bring balance to my life. At the same time, I was lucky to meet my partner, Arantza, who shared similar values and goals. While looking for ways to improve our wellbeing in the most sustainable way, we discovered 100% wild, multi-species Marine Phytoplankton thriving in the pristine waters of Georgia Straight near Vancouver Island. Since we added it to our daily diet, we’ve experienced an improvement in energy levels and  an increased ability to focus among many others benefits while being less prone to illness. Naturally, we wanted to share all the benefits of this superfood with the world.

This resulted in MARPHYL® Marine Phytoplankton – a line of products that can enhance people’s lives in so many ways. We truly believe that our natural products are outstanding and can promote good health for both people and the environment. Our current goal is to make MARPHYL® accessible to as many people as possible.


“Mission Blue inspires action to explore and protect the ocean.”

Marphyl Marine Phytoplankton Mission-Blue logo

At MARPHYL®, we feel it is our social commitment to give back to what makes us possible to exist. We have decided to donate 1% of all our sales to Mission Blue, an initiative of the Sylvia Earle Alliance (S.E.A.), that with public support protects Hope Spots – special places that are vital to the health of the ocean, the blue heart of our planet. With two hope spots under consideration where MARPHYL® Marine Phytoplankton is taken form, it was the perfect organisation to contribute to.

If you would like to get more information on this wonderful organisation visit mission-blue.org.



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