We just wrapped our latest contest on Instagram. The rules of the contest were simple⁠:

1. Snap 3 photos of one plant of your choice. It can be a houseplant, veggie, cannabis, even your lawn. Show different angles of the plant. Before August 20, DM the photos to us with a message “contest entry”.⁠

2. Feed your plant with our Organic Soil Enhancer (every other watering mix 1 part Soil Enhancer with 20 parts of water and water as usual).⁠

3. On September 30, take more photos of the same plant and DM them to us. Try to use the same angles as the first time.⁠

On October 5, we chose the winner – @amytitchkosky. This Cebu Blue pothos left us in awe! The images on top and on the bottom are only one month apart!

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