Indoor plants – they act not only as beautiful interior accessories, but also as major factors in improving the environment, and even physical and mental health of your household or office. Proximity to greenery, even if it is in a small pot on your desk, has been proven to reduce stress. There is even evidence that students learn better if there are plants around.

And that is not all! Did you know that indoor plants also reduce airborne dust levels, increase humidity, and help to keep the environment cool? But we don’t need to convince you that indoor plants are good for you, right? If you are reading this article, your goal is to get some inspiration from people who know how to care for indoor plants and are happy to share their knowledge with you. Below, you will find some Instagram accounts that we find particularly beautiful and resourceful. Enjoy!


Jonathan is a self-employed graphic designer from @pulpandpixel living in Montréal with his fluffy rescue cat, Grysou. He began collecting house plants of all kinds in early 2017 after bring introduced to the magic of leaf propagation by a friend. He currently counts approximately 170 plants in his home—more than half of these acquired by propagation or from trades with other houseplant hobbyists.

You can find out more about Jonathan here.


This is how Erin describes herself and her blog

“Hi!  I’m Erin. I’m a wife and mommy. I live in Portland, Oregon with my husband Tim and my boys, Oliver and Otis. I stay home with the kids so I have some time to do what I love, tend to my houseplants, go plant shopping, craft, paint, sew, decorate, build, and garden.

I started sharing some of my projects on my personal IG page and everyone was like, “You should start a blog”.  Okay, not everyone…maybe two people mentioned it, and my mom was one of them… Anyway, here we are.  I started Clever Bloom so I could share my thoughts, ideas, and projects with all of you.  Join me in learning all about houseplant care, DIYs, and decor!

I hope to inspire you and encourage you to see the possibilities and beauty in everything.


Amazing women with plants. That’s all we need to say.


Jeannie Phan is a Toronto-based illustrator working, living and growing in a little home studio. She is a self-taught plant generalist, urban forest bather and passionate pursuer of daily betterment. She lives with her partner and cat in their first true home that is sandwiched between the Lake and the Lungs of the City. They enjoy working on home projects, picking up hobbies and being outdoors in nature every chance they can. They are very much DIY folk.

Check out Jeannie’s beautiful blog


Jenn is a PhD candidate and wannabe naturalist living in Toronto.

She has an impressive plant collection and does very interesting monthly book reviews. We don’t really know what is the secret here – her choice of books or the environment she reads them in, but together they create a really enjoyable feed.


Mee is slowly turning her house in Switzerland into a jungle. She shares many useful videos about how to care for plants, heal them, repot, cut, etc. Check out her feed and join her hashtag #meandplantsarefriends.

A post shared by Amanda Switzer (@planterina) on

A post shared by Amanda Switzer (@planterina) on


Amanda Switzer is a landscape designer based in Sag Harbor, NY.

Together with @idrinkandigrowthings @ohiotropics @darlinggreenthings, she created @plantenabler. You can use #plantenabler to be featured there.

Needless to say that all of the aforementioned accounts are wonderful!


Eunice shares not only her own extensive plant collection, but also provides a friendly pla(n)tform for others to showcase their green beauties. Use #idrinkandigrowthings to be featured on her account.


Dria is a self-proclaimed plant whisperer with over 75 plants from San Francisco. His indoor plants collection is truly impressive!

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A post shared by Dria (@plantgzing) on

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From Jesse’s recent interview with “Avenue Calgary”

When Jesse Gleeson was a child, he often helped his grandmother with her garden, growing vegetables and produce that they’d enter into the agricultural fair at the school he attended. His love of both indoor and outdoor plants continued to flourish. In 2016, he bought a Fiddle Leaf Fig and started collecting indoor plants.

“I realized after purchasing the Fiddle Leaf Fig and doing extensive research on how to keep it alive, that tropical plants, specifically, were quickly going to become a big interest of mine,” says Gleeson. “Most of these plants grow on the jungle floor, which is quite the opposite of Calgary so there is a learning curve.”

Gleeson has collected more than 100 tropical plants, documenting their growth on his Instagram account, @plantfilledapartment.

Suggestions from our readers


This is how Olle describes himself: “I confess. I have been a plant addict since 2014. I guess it started with a Monstera deliciosa, and it was all downhill from there. However, compared to other addictions this one is actually proven to be really good for you!”

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