This week, welcome MARPHYL Marine Phytoplankton Ambassador Izabela, who is also known as @theplantjunkie. Izabela is a plant designer transforming homes and businesses with green live art. She has a unique selection of plants and accessories that she sells and rents out in the Vancouver area.

What are your hobbies and passions? And what do you do as a job?

My hobbies are gardening and interior design. I love decorating new places and changing old ones; I love shopping for house decor pieces and finding perfect homes for them. I am a plant stylist, and my job consists of adding greenery to spaces in hope to make them homier and more inviting. I love what I do, and I will never get tired of seeing how much plants can change any space.

Izabela the plant junkie_ interview for marphyl marine phytoplankton

How did it all start?

My business was born out of necessity. I knew my clients would be people like me who are plant lovers but have a hard time finding healthy and quality plants. I got my first load of plants and posted them on Facebook, and the ball started rolling.

What were your main challenges when starting such a unique business?

The biggest challenges at the beginning were finding suppliers, discovering how to get a business up and running and getting my name/brand out there. But everything fell into place, and everything started flowing and puzzling together in a way that I can’t explain.

What is the most exciting part of your job?

The most exciting part of my job is networking that goes behind it. I have met so many incredible people while running my business. And 90% of them are women! I love seeing all the women killing it, and I learn so much from them.

Do your husband and kids share your passion for plants?

My family loves plants. My kids are familiar with plants, know them by name and help taking care, and so does my hubby. I am lucky they are all in the same boat as me.

Izabela the plant junkie interview for marphyl marine phytoplankton
Izabela the plant junkie interview for marphyl marine phytoplankton
Izabela the plant junkie interview for marphyl marine phytoplankton

What are the most common mistakes you see people make when getting their first houseplants?

The most common mistake is not taking into consideration that different plants have their unique needs. Some need more water, some need less; same with light and humidity. Find plants that work in the environment you offer, and you should have success.

Are there any houseplants you advice newbie plants aficionados to avoid?

I would not say avoid because I personally like a good challenge. But if you want to get some easier plants to help you build your green thumb and your confidence, I would say stay away from the finicky ones that need lots of care.

You’ve been using MARPHYL Soil Enhancer for some time now. What are your thoughts about it?

I love MARPHYL Soil Enhancer, and I recommend to all my clients. I love the product itself, the business model, the people behind it and that it is local, organic, and sustainable. My plants love it, and I have seen such an increase in lushness and health for my green babies.

Izabela the plant junkie interview for marphyl marine phytoplankton

Do you want you plants to thrive like Izabela's?

Try our MARPHYL® Organic Soil Enhancer made of 100% wild phytoplankton

Plants rely on potassium to facilitate the circulation of nutrients and on nitrogen as the essential element in photosynthesis, while the roots need phosphorus to thrive. MARPHYL® Organic Soil Enhancer is high in potassium, nitrogen, and phosphorus, and also contains trace amounts of other nutrients, such as calcium and magnesium for optimum plant health and growth.

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You can buy and rent plants and accessories and follow Izabela’s green adventures on her Instagram and Facebook.

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