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Cancellation policy.

The customer can cancel his/her membership at any given time by clicking on the dedicated button under his/her profile. Keep in mind that the cancellation has to be done 2 business days priors to your monthly anniversary date. Example: If your first order was on the 15th of the month, a new order will be processed every 15th of the month hence you need to cancel 2 business days before that.


Skip a month.

Skip a month: The customer may skip a month at any given time during his/her membership by clicking on the dedicated button under his/her profile. In order to receive the free bottle of Marphyl™ Natural Supplement you need to commit to at least 11 bottles. This means that your 12th bottle will be free.


When do I get charged?

The customer will be charged on the anniversary date of his/her first order each month.


How long is the membership subscription?

Your membership subscription has no limit in time. When you want to stop, you just cancel it under your profile.



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