Recently, we had a chance to interview Eunice, a creator and owner of @idrinkandgrowthings, one of our favorite Instagram accounts about houseplants, plant care, and green interiors. Eunice shared her story and her plans for the near future. Enjoy the read! And if you have any questions for us or for Eunice, feel free to leave a comment below.

Please, tell us a little bit about yourself.

I am thirty something years old. I live with my husband and two wonderful kids (both boys); I work full time for an insurance company. And as you can see, I love plants! I grew up around plants, my mom loves plants. I was born in Mexico and, well, you can basically grow everything outdoors. When we moved to Chicago, my mom always had plants inside the house, lots of them. And I didn’t really understand why she had so many but I guess now I do! She moved back to Mexico and she’s always sending me pictures of her plants which I love!
I started my collection last year and I haven’t been able to stop buying more and more. I don’t know how many I have, and at this point I’m afraid to count!”

Eunice from @idrinkandgrowthings showing her plants

Where does your love for plants come from?

It comes from my mom. When I was growing up, she always had plants around the house. When I was younger, we would go for a walk and if she saw a plant in someone’s yard she would always ask for cuttings.
It’s something that helped me connect even more with her. We can talk about plants for hours.

What’s the story behind your Instagram handle (@idrinkandgrowthings). How did you come up with it?

Oh, it’s a funny story! I am a huge fan of “Game of Thrones” and Tyrion is one of my favorite characters. In one episode, he says “I drink and I know things”. This is where my inspiration came from!

You repost a lot of images and videos from other people passionate about plants. Are there any Instagram accounts that you love the most or find most inspiring?

Some of the accounts I love are:

What’s the latest trend in botany that you are into? Or maybe you haven’t gotten your hands on it yet, but you are really excited to try it out.

Well, I’m actually trying a new method for my plants called “semi-hydroponics”. I am not sure if it’s a trend but it’s something I’ve been wanting to do for a while and I just finally repotted my first plants – anthurium and hoyas – in semi hydro. I even made a video of it, so that others can follow it and experiment themselves.

You’ve tried MARPHYL Soil Enhancer before. What is your opinion about it and how do your plants like it?

Yes, I did and I really loved it! I used it in all my hoyas and they grew a lot this summer. I will keep using it!


Ho do you fertilize in semi-hydroponics?

Same as usual! It’s really easy, just mix 1 portion of MARPHYL® Soil Enhancer by 20 portions of fresh water and apply to your plants. Use once every 2 weeks for best results.

Plants rely on potassium to facilitate the circulation of nutrients and on nitrogen as the essential element in photosynthesis, while the roots need phosphorus to thrive. MARPHYL® Soil Enhancer is high in potassium, nitrogen, and phosphorus, and also contains trace amounts of other nutrients, such as calcium and magnesium for optimum plant health and growth.

Marphyl Marine Phytoplankton Natural Multi-species Soil-Enhancer 2 products beauty shot
Houseplant collection by @idrinkandgrowthings_

What’s next for you?

I am launching a new merchandise line. Also, I  want to start posting more videos on my YouTube channel about plant care and semi-hydroponics. I am really excited about that!

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Arantza and Benjamin, founders of MARPHYL Marine Phytoplankton